About Us

About Us

The idea of keeping food and toys on the tray and off the floor is not particularly original – many have attempted products to fill the need, some dating back to the 1950s – But, nothing really worked – until now. Inspired by an idea and the TV show Shark Tank, my husband, Jeff, and I decided to give it a shot.  I rediscovered my sewing machine, and Jeff dusted off his old basement workbench. We experimented with clamps, suction cups, PVC pipe, and even a ping pong net.  Many prototypes later, and almost ready to give up, we found ourselves inspired by our son’s pop-up-hamper.  With the addition of memory wire and some newly found vision, our final design really gets the job done.  Tray Haven is named to convey a safe, cozy, and independent-feeling space.  With all items secure on the tray, your child is happy – and so are you.

The Development Process

For the curious, below are pictures of us at work and pictures of some of our various prototypes...

From the Owner

We've designed Tray Haven to work on most chairs with an attached tray: highchairs, booster seats, strollers, and wheelchairs.   Jeff and I are the proud parents of two wonderful children who are now 21 and 14.  We remember all too well those years of picking up after our little ones.  Having a quiet meal, an uninterrupted conversation, or even just an uninterrupted train of thought was nearly impossible. Every time we turned around, it seemed we were picking something up from the floor. Parenting our children has been our greatest joy. But, let's face it; some aspects of parenting are better than others.  We hope TrayHaven makes every parent's life easier!


Giving Back to the Community

As one of our children has autism, we recognized that many special needs children, and adults with motor control difficulties, can become frustrated when they unintentionally knock objects off their adaptive trays.  So, we designed the Tray Haven with longer straps to be able to fit larger chairs and trays.  As we continue to be very involved in education for children in the autism spectrum and autism research,  Amigoware, Inc. will be donating at least 5% of our profits to The Nexus SchoolThe Autism Research Institute and other autism related charities.