Tray Haven Blue

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No more uh-ohs with Tray Haven! Great on highchairs, booster seats and strollers with trays! Also, works for wheelchairs and adaptive chairs.

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Tray Haven gives caretakers a break from picking things up off the floor and creates a comfortable environment where items remain within reach. Thanks to a protective wing that envelops almost any tray, items stay put and nothing falls away.  Tray Haven's patented design (US D801,709 S) enables it to fit around wheelchairs and adaptive chairs with trays, as well as highchairs, booster seats and strollers with trays and seat backs.

6 reviews for Tray Haven Blue

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    This is an absolute lifesaver! My daughter is now 14 months old and throws food EVERYWHERE! This has saved us countless times from having food thrown in our face. Haha!!! I highly recommend this to anyone.

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    Peas, beans, cut up fruit, all other food, this net can contain them all. My son is a machine when eating dinner, except he is quite messy. This soft cage can really help to contain all food within a small area. Clean up is a breeze!

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    I got this somewhat jokingly. But, it actually does the job. Love not having g to sweep everytime my kid eats. Though a good throw in the right spot will fling it right back at them.

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    This is such a great idea! Keeps things on the tray and where they should be. I would recommend this product to anyone who is tired of having a mess to clean up!

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    Does a great job keeping cake in place for those messy first birthdays! Also saves from the dog getting food she shouldn’t be eating. I would buy this again!

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    I gave this tent to a friend that always complains of how messy it gets when she’s feeding her toddler. She liked the idea a lot & said it helps to prevent the spreading all over of the food. However, the material is soft & a strong toddler can remove it if he tries with enough force hahaha. Great concept though.

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